cmsBruteForce — Multithreaded BruteForce CMS and FTP

Supported systems:

  • WordPress (with getting an administrator login when the getLogin option is enabled)
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • MOD-X
  • OpenCart
  • Bitrix
  • FTP
  • ISP Manager

Key feature:

  • SOCKS5/4 and HTTP/S proxy support with or without verification. Automatic updating of the proxy list by timer
  • 3 testing algorithms (Link – >Login->Pass-1 stream – 1 link. Inside the stream, all usernames and passwords are searched and applied to the link given in the stream. If you need to check 1 link, the check will go in one thread.
    Link – >Login->Pass v2-1 stream-set Link-Login-Pass. A Link-Login-Pass is sent to the stream input. After checking the recruitment thread will have to wait for the next set. If you need to check 1 link, the check will go to several (specified in the program number) threads.
  • Minimize the program to the tray (hidden mode)
  • Write test results to files or to a remote database (including the. php script accessed by the program and
  • Speed up testing due to the “Bad on error ” function, which excludes links from the database that did not respond to several attempts to get the desired response from them (403, 500, and other errors).
  • Detailed logging (for those who want to be aware of all events)


Resale of the program is prohibited. The authors reserve the right to refuse to sell the license without explanation. A unique key is issued upon purchase. When the program starts, the key is requested and bound to the current device. You can change the binding completely automatically by running the program on another device and specifying your key. The number of bindings per day is limited to one (you can change devices every day, but not several times a day). There is no version without hardware binding.

Technical  support:

Technical Support for working with the program is not provided. At the same time, if there are any problems in the program, we guarantee our most careful participation in solving them.

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